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At Evolution Financial Planning, our services are designed to meet each client’s unique planning needs. We are also committed to educating clients and providing customized comprehensive action plans to achieve financial goals. Furthermore, as life is full of transitions that impact finances, we stay by your side to ensure that your financial plans continue to be in sync with your evolving needs.

Whether you are approaching retirement or just beginning to think about your financial future, make a plan to achieve your goals with Evolution Financial Planning.

Empowering women and advocating for their unique needs are important features of our practice.

Services include:

  • Retirement Accumulation and Income Planning, to identify and implement long term financial goals for you and your family.
  • Investment Portfolio Management, to maximize your savings potential.
  • Insurance Planning and Risk Analysis, to assess and fulfill your insurance product needs.
  • Education Planning, to explore college savings options and other tools that will best benefit you and your student.
  • Estate Planning & Trust Services, to manage your assets beyond retirement needs.
  • Divorce Financial Planning, Dana Calcagno-Wilkins is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), acting as the finance professional on divorce cases, and educating clients on the short and long term financial implications of divorce settlement options.